1) How does the project work?
You need to invest an amount from 50 to 5000 rubles. Invested money turns into a speed of building up the balance to withdraw money to the wallet. You can also earn without investments, in which case the amount will be insignificant.
2) When was the start of the project?
20/03/2020 at 13:00 Moscow time.
3) How long will the project work?
The project will work until the reserve runs out of resources.
4) Where can I see the history of withdrawal and balance replenishment?
There is no history in the project. The latest operations are displayed in the corresponding section.
5) What is the income per day, month, year?
Any amount pays for approximately every minute. When replenishing, there is a calculator showing monthly income.
6) Maximum and minimum replenishment.
The minimum replenishment amount is 50 rubles, and the maximum 5000 rubles.
7) How are payments made?
Payments are made once a day. It is also worth noting that when replenishing an account on a project, your money from the balance is automatically sent to your wallet. But do not forget that standard payments without replenishment take place once a day.
8) Why can’t I replenish the balance?
There can be a lot of reasons. You need to check with the site moderators or the Administrator. Most often, you just need to: restart the page or go to the site again, or use a different browser.


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